Hello, my name is Mmark - engineer & founder of the BWC cancer research team. The purpose of this website is to present three efforts sovereign individuals can take, and their tools & methods. Central to these efforts and our primary focus is the making of new life for the body. To accomplish this BWC employs the generative actions of wheatberries to create a new bread called a breadflower, and produces the breadflower tools to introduce "individual manual effort" as the essential ingredient or "leaven" in a living bread that bears new life-etherics into the body.

Factual credit must go to perhaps the greatest engineer Christ who sidelined religion for individual-think by designing two laws and "bread" for making a body out of moral decisions rather than group-beliefs & comfort-foods. Scientifically, nothing of a religious or exclusive nature can be presented or implied on these pages - which serve to field questions & report on what actually works. Questions can be directed to tools@breadwaterchrist.com.

In these urgent times, any real solution for global climate-food-water must be, to have any measurable effect, affordable-available for everybody, and to these ends a breadflower is an engineering marvel - setting the world's #1 staples "wheat & water" to work by the #1 resources "arms & sun" to create a gluten-free bloodless complete nutrition vastly more efficient than meat-flour-vegs to remedy the catastrophe of nitrogen-fertilizer ruined lands, and increase exponentially what a pound of wheat can do for everyone. BWC non-profit toolmaking spans two decades and exists to free what Christ engineered for sovereign individuals - the ability to make "new life" through daily bread, through breadflower tools available to everyone. The next generation breadflower tools are a breakthrough technology available worldwide. The following pages present the three efforts: