The first effort is pouncing on moral opportunities to lift up & set into motion the gravity of your world - turning gravity into the golden light of your "mind". The moral value of any opportunity is that it is available to all kids, and similarly, the real value in any thing is the "who did the making" part, the unseen part of liftings & velocities that remains even after materials & money turn to dust. In fact, most everyone can sense in one way or another the presence or "soul" of those who did the work in a made thing, and that they join you, which is why the "golden rule" of owning (like doing) anything is to make sure everyone can participate. It is a great joy to be able to meet kids on a distant shore, or on a farm, with a way for them to do what you're doing, feed their dreams, their hunger. The new science of bread makes actual "soul" into food - a staple in the world-classroom available to all - "buns" for powering projects, making muscle or "gravity" into mind, and will be showcased in demanding environs from sustainable boats to barns.
The golden mean bridge & vesica piscis tower are a perfecting of multi-functions in the optimum central space rather than space exiled to static function. The tower emerges from the center of a flat clear deck to tether two pilots safely to an unsinkable home, and acts as an exposure suit, a quiet dry control center for all functions - from navigating or making bread to relaxing on the minicell couch or berths. From this center, operating this raftable & self-righting, carryable & self-trailering boat is one of self-determination - a familiar-blind practice employing innovations such as the breadflower sciences - a new way of provisioning-eating-kitchening-storing for non-stop circumnavigating, supported by monocrystalline solar panels, wind generator, pure-lead batteries, sealed & shielded controllers-switching-wiring, and a watermaker. Hot bread & fresh butter every day.
I invented the cubefoil geometry of drive, weight, and volume to literally put two pilots first - standing in the center, conserve their energy & well-being for each other rather than against an errant machine, and rescue the ocean project for all kids - especially answer their questions framed like: why drag around half the boat weight in lead that can sink me?, or why drag around half the boat volume in empty floats that flop me around like training wheels?, or why attack me in the center where I stand with the boom-mast thing?, or why drag around long foils or daggers that plow into every wildlife or "something" passing by?, or why try to sleep next to bilge or toilets in noisy hulls?, or why pay 100X for all this stuff I can't afford if all it does is threaten me & leave me exposed to every weather? In this effort it quickly became apparent that kids have zero tolerance for stupidity, that rather than keeling-in, teetering-on, pitching into, or foiling-off the ocean-atmosphere interface, expanding the center-of-effort into a 3D cubefoil of wings-over-blades refines the sustainable straightforward ethic of displacement into very quick & accurate tracking.
A 24' by 10' cubefoil boat consisting of a flight deck of four outboard wings over double-edged blades - effecting an equilateral self-integrating cube of 3D driving & tracking forces that inertia-balance around the wave-riding core, cubing stability & sensation parameters to the centered pilot-interface. Simply put, 3D smoothing of wind & wave efficiently provides the pilot much more time to coordinate driving decisions. Dimensional form emerges from this human-interface of heights-widths-reach of hands-shoulders-hips-feet, i.e. one height is the center-of-effort, two heights is the wing, one vertical reach is the dynamic track, two vertical reaches is the clearance, the "standup side-by-side" is the tower, two "hand to hand" width reaches is the cube lattice, circled squares are the planar curves, a "bicycle crouch" is the blade ID, etc. These ratios are typical human geometries that are physical & moral optimums, and as such do not scale-up but rather "build another". Most kids want to build, outfit, and pilot their own boat they can carry with friends - and be the center of gravity, at the center of the cube, inhabiting a quiet airfoil tower elevated above the ocean tucked safely between the blades for standing sitting or king-size sleeping over a 270 degree (360 degrees with head-shift) view of the horizons. Traveling in pairs and rafting up for fun at the end of the day exponentially increases learning & safety.
Inventing & doing what has never been done before requires the highest performance materials inhabited by your sweat effort rather than the "ghosts of slaves" - your spirit for building a boat to ride the RMS wave-core of the world's oceans together with friends. The flat-floor self-aligning build in ambient conditions of one bundle of 1/2" H-80 foam is a gravity-degassed-annealed consolidation of woven-carbon, S-glass, & high-modulus epoxy into an impact-rebounding monocoque that performs optimally & simultaneously both hydrodynamic and furniture functions. The monocoque consists of primary-bonded edge-to-edge continuous quadaxial carbon fibers over an inert monolithic ductile core - an "infinite beam" free of the dagger-like stresses of frames-stringers-fasteners. The uniform, smooth, uninterrupted surfaces enclose space free of obstructions & edges to safeguard eyes-toes-bones from impact - precisely fitting the human-athlete to efficiently access all surfaces for building, stowing, and operating. Titanium, aluminum, G10, & plastic fabrications are straightforward, and for sewing everything from the dacron wings to polartec-windbloc sleeping-bags, handwork or home machine will do the simple straight lines. And the burdensome logistics & expense of a trailer are eliminated by easily stowed 12 lb carriages which attach to the blades, shown below.
Like an unlimited puzzle to assemble your favorite woods, textiles, and colors, the energy efficient pentagonal space is high adventure on land. Using environmentally friendly materials eliminates having to insulate against the "breathing-out" or air changes required of noxious dusts-fibers-synthetics-paints etc., conserving the accumulated beneficial climate of enlivening & rich natural aromas. Conditioning of the air inside is provided by the timehole column and plant or seashell waterfall-radiators. Further, the new way of kitchening eliminates waste & wastewater, conserving output of the marine-grade composting toilet & rinse waters for nut trees and the herb garden.
make new light
Inside, one of the loft floor triangles is open for second floor access and for hanging a stainless steel fire-tube called the "donkey's belly", a simple 2' long section of 1' schedule 40 pipe (12.75" diameter x .375" wall) with watchcase ends (12.75" diameter x 11 GA with both disks having a .5" mount hole centered 3.575" from the edge on a diameter-line, with an additional 1.5" primary air intake hole centered 9.175" from the same edge on one disk and a 1.5" secondary air intake hole centered 2.285" from the same edge on the other disk). The secondary burn tube (2' x 1.5" schedule 40 pipe with 3/16" horizontal through-holes every .5" and 1/2"-13 nuts welded on each end to receive the disk mount bolts) and secondary burn plate (11" x 22" x 11 GA) are centered and positioned by two top through-bolts that hold together & mount the fire-tube to the 4" flue.
And to complete the ocean existence, there is an ongoing epiphany in adventure athletic tools - new efficient cutting-edge technologies that are a renaissance in intelligent economical design enabling everybody to explore our world. Onboard, a full spectrum of these capabilities have been fail-tested and specified ranging for example from impact acrylic optics, LED intensity lighting, windgen, electric thruster, vectran ropes, fortress & shark anchors, roller bearing wheels, titanium fairleads, to the two-person 4 lb inflatable kayak. Also, dual-redundant handheld-standalone technologies for oceanic mapping, weather dynamics, and ship traffic are employed for extreme self-sufficiency - where wind/wave hunting-riding over fast ocean passages demands fail-safe & shielded GPS-SAT-VHF-AIS-iPHONE-NAV-GRIBS-SEXTANT to operate quad-redundant wings on hydrophobic blades.
Some features of the fire-tube are: automated air intakes for immediately efficient doors-closed overnight heating of the whole house, eliminates the need for insulation or firebrick because the rounded shape safely sheds all contact, the watchcase ends open without puffing ash into the room, the tube can be wrapped with copper tubing to heat water, and the fire is suspended off the floor for reclining underneath while bathed in exotic radiations, much the same as the donkey's belly of Irish lore - where the family donkey loved on sick kids by pumping up their belly heat while moving over them. The parents intensified the effect, having noticed that the child's feverish sweaty collar helped with a sore throat, by adding sisal rope soaked in seawater around the throat (as it turns out a good antenna for concentrating the wonderful anti-viral VLF radiations from the donkey), all for a curative night "under the belly". I invented the donkeys belly to "3D" fire into the optimum geometry - the pentabode, and to create a space underneath the fire where two can take in the magical & healing warmth.
Living on land is different from the "desert-like" ocean existence which must be completely thought-out & finished before beginning. The pentabode house rather begins like a trellis emerging from a "garden", the simplest five-pointed human geometry gradually built-up along the way by all the common skills of joining, windowing, painting, solar & wind power, rain systems, and so on. Built by two & carryable by four, the monocoque skin is a bundle of 4' x 8' composite pentagonal faces lofted 15' around a center post, even a living tree. Here, as at sea, the breadflower sciences make possible a new way of living.
Human engineering optimizes "person-state" to "sea-state" velocities - often a spiritual-physical interface, and begins by standing people high in the center, and for the same reason one would not live in their shoes, keeps them out of the oppressive noise, bilge, and isolation of hulls. Ironically, materialistic approaches treat people as "material", putting people to suffer where only materials should be, where only useful ballast should be to inertially work. As such, "hulls" are eliminated in favor of symmetrical razor flat-sharp "blades" that uni-form wetted surface pressures on a plane 7" under the surface for fast ocean running, polish rather than plow - each having high durometer carbon-powder infused bottoms, in-water maintained hydrophobic coatings to eliminate anti-fouling drag, "recumbent human" Cd ends, accessible-sealed crash zones, circumnavigation stowage lockers beneath each wing below waterline, external ports to lofts for storing rolled-up (uncreased) wings, and internal 18" hatches for 100% access. These 18:1 blades act vertically as fast stabilizing force-dihedral pistons with impact-capable double edges for shock absorbing and hard tracking in a 4 X 4 wing-on-blade direct-drive free of dagger-rudder appendages. Squaring the wings' drive over the blades' stowage-ballast expands balance leverages from 2D to 3D to smooth and resolve the rotational moments to minimum, exponentially reducing the throwing & sickening pitch-roll-flop misdirections cascading out of typical 2D lead-keel, float-beam, and mast-suspension "rockers".
"Hull" rockers furrow their own spherical restraint in the ocean surface to plow against & pitch up - creating third order errors that balloon into punishing size & expense to leverage lead, floats, suspensions, and the like in a dangerous tug-of-war with a central tortured mast. At minimum, for opening up the ocean to kids and for serious safety, it had to be considered that extreme-tensioned wires holding large masses over people's heads would have OSHA condemning "sail"-boats as hazardous hard-hat areas, declaring their marconi-madness a dangerous obstacle course of ropes, harrowing wires, hardware, booms, bow visits, sails, etc. - a cirque du "sail"eil, an inevitable dismasting rescue-recovery liability. "Sails on masts" are a windage-mess forced to towering unstable CE's by people-helms-kitchens-etc., a shape-twist-dump-reef-change battle against parasitic aero and inevitable stretched-out cambers that do more for knockdowns than drive, and all had to be eliminated. No more would safety ethics suffer a "mast" center-of-effort higher than a person's head than would engineering ethics suffer a bird or plane with a "sail". Rather predictably - the 3D aero-hydro lattice of the wing-on-edge cubefoil accurately points lift & track to safely achieve speed through innovative geometric efficiency & minimum materials.
Like an airplane, each wing sweeps the deck "fuselage" to fill in the wind gradient and present from root to tip uniform span-loading & attack-angle to the ocean ground effect, together contributing less drag than a single furled foresail. They are 3:1 asymmetrical foils sprung on freestanding rotating carbon frames, each surface consisting of seamless edge-to-edge continuous marblehead 5.77 dacron fibers - impervious to stretch, warp, and flog. They can be changed fast - rolled up lengthwise and stowed through 6" hatches into the blades, and as a cube of four interchangeable outboard wings, balance as redundant diagonal pairs for all wind conditions. Their extremely low center-of-effort, less than 10 lbs aloft, and typical airfoil lift/drag performance reduce leeway & steerage error to the point of eliminating daggerboards & rudders and their impacts. The blade-fins to wing-pneumatics automate camber, lift-angles and tracking.
Again, most importantly, everyone can afford & build the most technologically advanced land craft, designed to honeycomb with many others on a piece of fruitful land to create their social world - build their own sustainable exploratoriums, make breadflowers, and engineer a quantum increase in the purpose-ratio: created-resources (hp) multiplied by durable-use (years), divided by ownership-cost ($). The financial & deed discriminations that incarcerate dreams in the "kitchens-TV's-couches-obese-lazy-lonely" thing are erased by gravitymind.
The breadflower tools comprise our "published works" on the art of making etheric nutrition - living bread for all, acting as an experiential "textbook" for kids of all ages, bridging farming to medicine inside the human being.
What can be put into words about the art of making your own life, bread, can serve as little more than an approach. It is helpful to evaluate the GroceryStore-MovieTheater "eat & watch until empty game" for clues, i.e. that the pleasures that fleet out of you are merely the "sense of life leaving", and to where & what comprises the whole moral question of the age. It helps to objectively understand the workings of what is extracted/killed for profit from whole living entities of nature that show up empty/lifeless on the shelves of grocery stores: sugars-(thoughts) fats-(feelings) proteins-(images) powders/flours-(wills) as being incapable of nutrition, rather working as "ego mirrors" - the sugar mirror reflecting knowing without the effort of thinking, the fat mirror reflecting satisfaction without the effort of seeking, the vanilla/chocolate mirror reflecting safety/love without the effort of finding, and especially, the flour mirror reflecting achievement without doing anything. Simply put, it is useful to view "life" or the etheric body as the time remaining before death, and to understand that a breadflower is new time - a remedy for the age.
Some liken this "bread" adventure to taking your soul to the gym, and kids 8 and up can tackle the art of bread in the classroom and at home make the family bread - excel at this endlessly "pizza to bread" warmth at the center of attention. A family can thrive at half of what most would consider a poverty level, affording a vast increase in the purpose-ratio: athletic-power (ft lbs) multiplied by helping-others (time), divided by grocery-cost ($). And while designed to aggressively close the eating-health gap, new perceptive powers emerge to enable seeing through everything from drugs to crap foods to "voices in the head" as the usual deceptive pleasure-trap: the "rush now, die later" deal at the core of society's growing morass of spiritual diseases. Filling the stomach with etheric foods & the head with moral gravitas will become essential for getting done what you came here to do.
Most importantly, everyone can afford & build the most technologically advanced ocean craft, whose sides are designed to lash together with many others to create one very large bakery/cafe flotilla. There are many technological firsts that serve to maximize the purpose-ratio: shareable-payload (lbs) multiplied by passage-speed (knts), divided by ownership-cost ($). The cubefoil science puts the CE/CG/CB in two standup pilots, centers them in a cube of lift-mass-track forces latticed on the mast quadrants - a sweet-spot for 3D driving & social opportunity.
Cubefoil "safety" acts-out of engineered 3D leverages to the ocean horizons - much the same way a true person leverages moral horizons. Obviously, untruth of any kind endangers, disorients, & sickens, and the towering center of effort of a single mast on sailboats is the first step into "seasicknesses", stowing people in rocking hulls the second, and so on. The cubefoil concentrates wing-stowage-volume forces into four equal inertias to leverage a 10' cube lattice - like doing what 4 X 4 shocks on an off-road vehicle do to turn rough-road into "float", turning rough-float into "road". The pilots live & drive centered above the "ocean road" they create, created by exacting ocean-blade "circle the square" dynamics.
Obviously from all the above, the cubefoil is an entirely new category of windspeed+ "boat", effectively leaving the "game of hulls" wherein engineering effort is hamstrung by having to stabilize towering CE's/weights-aloft & battle sail stretch/shape decay with "rocking hulls" trained by heavy weight, empty floats, or even another hull (the catamaran) - all useless bloat to a new kid on the sailing block. It is for this new "kid" that the cubefoil arts have been secured for free will use - surveys from an earth lap to follow.