The new life from a breadflower floods a person like a "sun", a new cosmic event that is easily perceived as experiential fact - the fully "skinned" and mobile etheric body. The forces utterly lacking in the world-diet for building the "spirit self" are now present in full measure, essential for building perception free of the physical hinderances. The procedure can be simply summarized as the three efforts: making new light out of gravity with the limbs (indeed the limbs are like "solar panels" for "gravity"), making new life out of breadflowers, and the third effort, making new "love" out of willflowers - the new non-ejaculative whole-being "eyes wide open" sex that weaves these new mobile life forces or "wills" together into much higher world effects - made possible by two mobile etheric "suns".
A breadflower is the workhorse for making a body out of the work of these flowers - their seeds providing the most potent & complete response to enlivened or personal vortex waters. This "diet of the fourth way" is simply birthing new life-time out of enlivened seeds that remain-in & effect-from the etheric powers. These powers are utterly absent for example in wafers, crackers, breads, etc. made of flours - dusts that can do no more than the sweepings of a crypt floor. The diet of the fourth way works only out of an individual's unique effort - consisting entirely of common sun-seeds enlivened by an individual's vortex water created in a timehole and then turned inside-out into dough/bread using the seedbike. In sum, seven seeds provide the complete etheric nutrition from erotic morning milks to afternoon breadflowers for projecting the full color spectrum of the spiritual worlds into individual perception & embodiment, a spiritual diet of immense color & variety that turns digestion into a cosmic farm and a breadflower into a homeopathic for cancer.
Our rhythm & percussion tool is a flat-bottom maple mortar cured in olive oil for transporting the work of these great flowers into the homeopathies made possible only by the effort (gravity) of the person affected - similar to breadflowers made possible only by the same effort through seedbike handles. Happily, these facts announce every person to be their own farmer-doctor, and armed with these special seeds capable of "listening to" and swelling up with personally vortexed water (future-memory) in a timehole tool, we can create a body of cosmic substantiality more and more free of the fattening materializations threatening health. Seeds are "astral" rocks - crystals that herald the diet of the fourth way, easing into the past the unsustainable cultivation-packaging-compressors-refrigerators-preserving-transporting-waste that can no longer be suffered, easing beyond the abstract world of physical experience into the supersensible realities.
In summary, eating or watching for mere pleasure-rewards is simply a game of losing - handing life & light over to empty groceries & electronic shows, a waste of life-time. For those who want to count for something, keep their powers working for moral purpose, we have brought forward a few tools to birth new light & life for a renewed way forward.
make new love