Each breadflower is made of approximately 15,000 wheatberries, three cups (20 oz) of wheatberries shown above. Fifty pound bags of whole wheatberries are common & inexpensive, imperishable & transportable, and when enlivened by vortex water they become an astonishing nutritional factory. In a world of diminishing income and resources, growing a body that works will more & more depend upon extraordinary insight into this flower-seed-water factory, on the intelligent use of these powers for medical & cultural freedom.
The timehole tool is a human flow-form fired in rare-earths for structuring a persons etherics into water - producing the biodynamic forces for body & seed. Shaped for hands to produce maximum vortexing with minimum effort to induce anomalies called "time holes" for "writing" on water - a practical "spinal tap". A breadflower can be understood as new life-ether or "time" generated by seeds born in this water - a diet of time rather than matter, new time the immune system will use to sort things out, to change.
Vortexed water from the timehole tool starts the process - driving the dry dormant wheatberries into "chaos" to start a new life responsible to "you", setting into motion the power of "your decisions over matter" to grow an individual purpose into existence. This alchemy is rooted in developing willful powers of the "etheric" body to skin-up or sculpt flesh out of thought rather than empty groceries.
After drinking vortex water (about 12 hours), the wheatberries spend 18 hours in a raggwool sock to breathe and enliven to their maximum size and activity.
The same three cups of wheatberries after enlivening in vortex water & flowering in the sock - a process enabling one twelfth of an acre to produce 365 breadflowers, sustaining two for a year. This is exactly the opposite of the grinder-flour-yeast-oven "cremation" process wasting wheatlands into nutritionally empty dust or "flour" responsible for the gluten-yeast frenzy that everyone is "allergic" to, allergic to what has been done to wheat, not the wheatberry "flower".
The wheatberry blooms into a "stem cell"-like genetically advanced array of human nutritions - showing the tragedy of destroying the wheatberry into flour before it has a chance to do this, a chance to flower.
Out of the raggwool sock they flow easily into the seedbike tool to be manually turned "inside-out" into living dough while keeping intact each 7-layer wheatberry skin, the "brains" for forming the structure of a new medicine-making flora in the digestive system. Thin warm strips of dough emerge to make bread & pizza, and butters & sauces out of enlivened nuts, seeds, herbs, and dried fruits.
The sunsphere tool turns the sun "inside-out", harvesting the sun as an essential culinary ingredient from whole silicon crystals organized as a 50 watt solar panel. This extraordinary ingredient works for 2 1/2 hours to ripen or double in size the dough into a breadflower, and at the core temperature of pregnancy - or a tricep during a pushup or quads during a squat, about 187 degrees, the dough becomes a sweet buttery bread of unheralded culinary satisfaction - tastes of the Sun.
Pecan bread; so why? Why set common wheat & seeds to life with water vortexed in a timehole, turn them inside-out into dough manually with a seedbike, and grow them into a breadflower inside a solar powered sunsphere? Foremost, a breadflower is the life of a new etheric body that can be projected into another person as a willful "love" - even acting homeopathically to free what is trapped inside disease constructions. This new life acts like unexposed "future" for the soul camera, a "fruit" found only growing on the human "tree" at the end of arms (limbs). Nature doesn't grow breadflowers or destiny, people do. The work of wheatberries eclipses the work of animals, turning the digestive system into a farm capable of growing vitamins & medicines. So, for athletes, this is a way, a campaign to design-build their own body.
Into the dough can go every spice-seed combination, this one stuffed with pecans and currants.
And fully grown, a breadflower, besides being the tastiest creation ever, is literally a "spiritual book" that comprises the "published" works of BWC. It has been our finding that real nutritional-philosophical understandings are achieved by individual research efforts alone with an inexpensive & brilliant set of tools - an exciting personal athletic journey of vortexing water, seeds, and sun into your own breadflower - a "living book" only you can read. For this we manufacture out of FDA materials these tools for mastering the new skill of creating "meat" without bloodshed, using human & solar power in a cosmic-alchemy symbolized by the ancients as turning over the "w" in "w"heat to "m"heat, the aggression of turning water, wheat, sweat, & sun peacefully into hot, high performance people.
The breadflower toolkit shown above works simply in a nearly 100% water-efficient process to multiply many times the nutritional & spiritual value of a pound of wheat for all. Earth-life seems consequential - like a womb for birth into a coming spiritual adventure, where the stunning etheric forces generated by a breadflower can be used for surviving the coming truths - dealing with "karma".
The emeraldcross tool is an asymmetrical titanium wave-guide used for centering the new mobile etheric body, worn over the thymus where the arms cross the spine - the intersection of doing & thinking. This athletic etheric body acts like a spring thunderstorm into the physical - where ideas strike like lightning, thoughts resound like thunder, and free will acts like a downpour.
make new life
making breadflowers, the second effort